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Monday-Friday Virtual Detox Retreat

Start Date: Day 1 April 6th
Final Day: Day 5 April 10th


Daily Online Zoom classes:
London/ Lisbon time: 5PM-6PM
New York: 1PM-2PM


*This is a gentle, easy detox fasting program which is suitable for beginners.

Total of 3 days fasting. 3 days of recommended green juice, lemon/cayenne tea and nut milk. 

Day 1+Final Day 5: Recommended light vegetarian/vegan meals to safely ease in and out of the detox fast.

Recommended recipes for the juices will be emailed in an Ebook Fasting Manual to registered participates prior to start date.

You are welcome to join all 5 days or perhaps just try out the Detox/Breath Work classes for 1 or 2 days. 

Before Day 1 please download the zoom app on your device
and secure wifi, be in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed

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My Story:

Before my yogic lifestyle I was struggling with mental health issues such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression. In Taiwan, prior to moving to Portugal to open the Bend it like Buddha Yoga school and finding my fasting, Breath Work practice I worked in the high pressure world of selling custom made evening gowns internationally and collaborated with a large wedding dress factory in Mainland China in the early 2000s. I was very “successful” yet I was very sick due to my fast paced, corporate, high stress lifestyle. I was under chronic stress, poor eating habits, my health was suffering to the point of developing serious diseases, often in pain. I went through a huge health crisis and finally woke up and decided I wanted much more out of life and refused medication to maintain this high stress and damaging lifestyle .


Above: Your very own fasting and breath work coach,  L. Farrah Furtado ( E RYT 500)

This is when I signed up for my first 200 hour yoga intensive and started to learn mindfulness techniques at Fo Guan Shan Buddhist monastery in Taiwan.  I was tutored by monks one-on-one to help reduce my anxiety, depression and panic attacks through safe fasting practices, the power of breath and mindfulness techniques. My yoga , breath work and meditation journey helped alleviate all of my pain. Before I found these ancient, powerful techniques I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed anti depressants by my family doctor.

I wrote a book about my healing and my experience with these very effective practices: The Journey, Metamorphosis and it became an Amazon best seller in 14 different categories in June 2019!

Through the power of fasting and breath work I survived these debilitating disorders and have been medication free and depression free for over 10 years. I cured myself through living a healthy life style of intermediate fasting, good nutrition, yoga, mindfulness techniques and breath work. I am very excited to share with you what I did to cure my mental health disorders over this 5 Day Online Challenge. Everyone Welcome:) This 5 Day Challenge is suitable for beginners:)

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Intermittent fasting has been scientifically proven to strengthen immunity, increase the feel good chemicals of the body such as serotonin, decreases panic attacks, decreases anxiety and fasting is a mood enhancer and can reduce the symptoms of depression.

Scientists have proven that the intestinal flora has a significant impact on mood and well being. Intermittent fasting supported with breath work can therefore ease symptoms of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

10 Benefits of Fasting That Will Surprise You

Who is this 5 Day Challenge for?

Beginners to fasting, breath work and “functioning” people in the corporate world and entrepreneurs. People who feel burned out from the daily 9-5 grind at the office, fatigued people, people who are fed up with living dependent on medicine for their mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks. People who want to explore their subtle energetic body, clear and activate their chakras and discover who they truly are within.

This challenge is for people with hearts of gold, who want to live with impact and make the world a better place starting from within. This training is for people who are ready to feel amazing each day and those who want much more out of life! For those who are ready to self heal, into a life full of vitality and those who want to be medicine free.

Do you want to live out your best life?And manifest your dreams and live life out loud with abundance of perfect health, joy , love and inner peace? If you said a resounding YES, this course is for you!

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I will deliver daily training 1 hour per day by live FB/Zoom for 5 days. Daily class starts at 5pm Lisbon/London time and 1PM In New York.

You can listen to the replay the next day, we will record it for those who miss it live.

When the live zoom class ends at 6pm London time I will assign the daily Home Work and open the “hot seat”.

The “hot seat” is a live Q & A with me: if you have any questions about anything .

This FREE challenge also includes my Fasting Manual and award winning movie, Canadian Best Documentary Atha Gamma about the science behind the breath and increasing  Gamma the feel good brain waves.

Learn More: Atha Gamma

Everyone in the live training comes together, like minded participants with similar health issues as a community, for an interactive experience…the collective genius as a group helps support and inspire each other and helps solve people’s health problems from a yogic perspective(fasting/breath work).

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Guaranteed Results:

If students follow the breath work exercises/fast for 5 days ( first day is eating green vegetables, fruit and day 5 coming off the fast eating vegetarian small meals) we guarantee that people will feel much better, decrease their anxiety and experience a mood enhancer.

Learn powerful Breath Work techniques to enhance your health and overall mood.

These ancient and science proven techniques are simple to learn and can be easily applied into your daily life for after the training.

Prizes for best interaction/student support:

  • Give away 3 FREE 200 hour Bend it like Buddha Blue Print courses/ Includes Ayurveda massage training
  • Give away 1 FREE 200 Hour Yoga Alliance training and certificate/Includes Ayurveda massage training
  • Prize Give Aways to support perfect health: top of the line Greens smoothie Powder, MCT oil, Bovine Colostrum for leaky gut syndrome and Probiotics pack.


To win the prizes students must attend the training classes via zoom and complete the daily Homework assignments such as journaling and action steps for change and their insights.

We give the juice recipes and preparation tips a few days prior to the start of the course in our Fasting Ebook Manual.

The assigned daily Home-work of self discovery and exploration boosts the motivation of the students and keeps everyone inspired and passionate throughout our 5 day  journey.

On Day 5 of the Challenge:

April, 10th at 6PM

Announcement of the prize winners:)


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